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What Is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is an intravenous micronutrient therapy that gives the body extra boosts of nutrients and minerals into a patient’s bloodstream through a small tube inserted in a vein.

IV therapy is classified into two types of therapies for addressing and resolving a range of conditions.

The new wellness trend is promoted as a one-stop solution for improving health and resolving various medical conditions.

What Is The Science Behind IV Therapy?

Vitamin deficiency is a common disorder that is not discussed enough. While we have learnt to source vitamins and minerals from food and supplements, there is still a risk of lacking essential nutrients that might interfere with overall health if no interventions are taken. Modern agricultural practices using pesticides and overfarming have drained our soil, making crops less dense in nutrients than before. On top of that, some illnesses and diseases can put the body in a temporary state where it can’t absorb and convert nutrients sufficiently through oral ingestion, not to mention that gastrointestinal tract may destroy some nutrients during the digestive process.

That’s why the need for vitamin and mineral replenishment is more vital than ever.

Eating more, exercising more regularly, relying on dietary supplements, and making constant improvements in your lifestyle may not always be enough. Sometimes, you might need a little boost!

IV therapy has been trusted for many decades as a quick and painless solution to help the body receive much-needed nutrients, facilitating healthy functions, recovering more quickly, and achieving the next level of health.

Replace Lost Fluids
Replenish Vitamin, Mineral, and Antioxidants
Increase Energy
Boost Immunity
Bust Stress
Remove Toxins
Enhance Skin Glow
Cure Fatigue and Hangovers

When Do I Need IV Therapy?

Here are some signs telling that it is time to recharge yourself with IV therapy:

Who Can Benefit From IV Therapy?

IV therapy is ideal for patients who have digestive issues that prevent them from meeting recommended nutritional needs through oral ingestion alone. This form of intravenous therapy may help address and treat the following conditions:

Is IV Therapy Right For Me?

Although IV therapy is generally safe with no serious implications or harsh side effects, it is important to note that using the therapy without the supervision and guidance of doctors can pose threats to the overall health due to excessive consumption of nutrients.

How IV Therapy Is Implemented

Like stem cell therapy, IV are generally safe with no serious side effects reported because these cells have always been active inside your body from the moment you are born or even much earlier. Talking to experienced healthcare professionals specializing in regenerative medicine is strongly advised for the best outcomes.

1. Health Assessment

2. Check Health Indicators

3. Infusion

4. Administration

Ready To Revamp Yourself?

If you need extra help to address medical conditions and achieve peak performance with IV therapy, our qualified doctors with experiences in regenerative medicine are always here to help and personalize IV sessions to let you feel your best and elevated.

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